Signs it is Time to File Bankruptcy

When you are struggling to pay bills, you probably wonder if it is time to seek further action. Bankruptcy is a financial solution to overwhelming debt that thousands of people use each year. It is a solution that is met with difficulty as most people think that bankruptcy is a sign of failure. The truth is, bankruptcy provides a path to financial freedom for those who use it like they should. Read below to learn the common signs that it’s time to file bankruptcy and call the best pittsburgh attorneys to start the process if the signs say it is time.

1.  You’re Always Late With the Bills

One or two missed credit card payments is nothing to bat an eye over, but if you find that it is becoming increasingly difficult to make  payments or you choose to pay one bill over another, perhaps bankruptcy is the solution that you need to get back on the right track.

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2.  You’re in Debt With More Than One Company

When you have multiple types of debts with multiple companies, it can be overwhelming to juggle all these various payments. Most people need some sort of juncture and relief and they find that in bankruptcy.

3.  You’ve been Served a Lawsuit

Being sued is a nightmare that most people want to prevent. If you’ve been served with a lawsuit over a debt that you owe, you should call a lawyer. You may be able to prevent many troubles of the lawsuit by filing bankruptcy.

4.  Your Income Isn’t Changing

If you aren’t planning to change jobs in the near future and your income will not substantially increase or decrease, filing bankruptcy can put you on the right track much sooner. You’re stuck and without this solution, won’t get out!