5 Signs it is Time to Divorce

The ‘D’ word is scary to any couple who took vows to love, honor and cherish one another till death do they part. But, sometimes it’s the only way to regain the happiness that has been removed from your life due to a bad marriage. It happens to the best of us. What’s important is that you can recognize the signs of bad marriage and know when to get out of the situation. Read below to learn five signs it is time to call the Lake County family attorney without delay.

1.    You think about being with someone else. If you haven’t yet cheated on your spouse this may very well happen if someone else is on the brain.

2.    Are you together only for the kids? So many couples stay together for the sake of the kids, assuming its best. However, you shouldn’t stay together for the kids because it is not helping them and could actually cause more harm than good.

Lake County family attorney

3.    Any type of abuse in relationship is grounds for immediate divorce. Don’t stick around and hope things get better. They won’t and you will only waste precious time that you cannot get back.

4.    You think about calling an attorney as much as you think about doing anything else in your life. Perhaps you’ve even dialed the number on occasion. When you want to make the call because the marriage simply has lost its flame and the love isn’t there, it is a sign that it is indeed time to call.

5.    If your spouse has goals that are much different than your own, perhaps the marriage has run its course. If goals are not compatible it is pretty hard to make a marriage work.

Pay attention to your marriage and signs that indicate the time to call a divorce attorney has come.